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Procrastination: Ibn Al-Jawzi (رحمه الله)



Ibn al-Jawzi (رحمه الله) said:

“Iblees makes those seeking righteousness feel lazy, and he causes those who are serious to procrastinate. He convinces a jurist to rest instead of going over his lesson again. And convinces a worshipper who had woken up to pray at night that he still has a lot of time. Iblees tries to make people lazy procrastinators, and to make them have hope (of a long life). A disciplined person must take advantage of time, and never procrastinate. That which is feared can never be trusted, and that which passes can never be brought back again. The main reason for doing less good and more evil is relying on the hope of a long life, this is because a person continues to procrastinate performing good deeds and refraining from evil deeds.

He who hopes to wake up in the morning will not do much at night, and he who hopes to travel during the day will travel much at night. However, he who sees death to be near works hard during his life.

Allah’s Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said:

“Perform prayer as if you were departing.” [Musnad Ahmad, 5/412, Bukhari in al-Tarikh al-Kabir, 3/2/21 6 and lbn Majah #41 71]

Some of the Salaf said:

“Beware of procrastination, for it is one of devil’s strongest weapons.”

devilsdeceptionA disciplined person prepares for his journey, while a procrastinator does not. So when it comes time to travel the disciplined person feels happy while the procrastinator feels that he is in trouble. This is how people are. Some are alert, so when the Angel of Death comes they do not feel guilty. Others are not disciplined, so they feel the agony when it comes time to travel. If procrastination is part of your nature then repelling it becomes difficult. But when one knows that he has a persistent enemy he will always be on guard.We ask Allah to give us safety from the enemy’s cunning, the devil’s fitnah’s and the evils of ourselves and the dunya.

“Indeed He [my Lord] is near and responsive.” [Quran 11:61]

talbees-of-iblees-ibn-al-jawzi (2)(From the book “The Devil’s Deception” – English Publication)

An English translation of ‘The Devil’s Deception’ can be downloaded from here:

A hard copy can be bought from here:

A hard copy in Arabic can be bought from here:


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